After several changes at the network and the departure of previous weekend mornings anchor T. Kaye received criticism from Donald Trump and some of his supporters for what they claimed was bias in the manner in which she reported a campaign event held by Trump in South Carolina during the 2016 Presidential election primary campaign.

Asking her tongue-in-cheek how extensive her research had been for her piece, Cooper was visibly tickled to hear Kaye reply with a beaming grin that she had felt the effects of a day around cannabis smokers.'Oh yeah, I wasn’t thinking right, Kaye responded.

'I couldn’t remember even some of the questions that I wanted to ask in the interview, which has never happened to me when I’m reporting in the field.'Just two weeks into the legalization of marijuana in Colorado 'Adult use' pot is projected to be a $208 million industry in Colorado this year - on top of the $250 million projected to be spent on medical marijuana, Betty Aldworth, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, told CNN.

An American news journalist Randi Kaye was born on November 19, 1967 in Florida, United States.

Currently, she is working as a news journalist for CNN.

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This Arizona rehab prescribes high doses of AA meetings and backpacking for young guys who not only need to get sober, but also learn the basics (think cooking and cleaning) of living in the real world.One business alone, the Lodo Wellness Center in Denver, which is described as a 'boutique' marijuana store that is cash-only, recorded ,000 in sales in the first few hours of legalization on January 1.While the owners, married couple Donald and Linda Andrews - who started the store in 2000 as a medical marijuana dispensary, foreseeing the substance one day becoming legal - told CNN they made more in one day than they would normally in one month.Kaye has already worked at many networks such as KATV, WFAA-TV, KMSP-TV, WCCO-TV and WWOR-TV. She was the anchor on ET weekday slot in CNN Newsroom.Kaye also worked as national correspondent as well as investigative reporter for Anderson Cooper 360°.Capo By The Sea offers an executive rehab program complete with medical detox and a focus on dual-diagnosis issues, as well as an outpatient option in an environment that exudes the kind of beach house optimism one would expect from an Orange County recovery outfit.