Alix tells about her journey of subverting societal expectations to uphold a restrictive 9-to-5, and why she'll never look back. I was in accelerated classes and did extracurricular activities.

I grew up in upstate New York in a small, middle-of-nowhere town. I was what people called "well-rounded." My dad worked in construction, and my mom has a Ph. and works for the health department of the government.

When Alix Lynx realized her career as a communications executive wasn't sustainable after repeated layoffs, she leapt at the opportunity to fulfill her long-time dream of becoming a porn star.

A few close friends were in on the secret, but her whole world found out last year when she starred in a viral video about giving blow jobs. I know a lot of people say people who do porn must have issues. I was an all-around ace student who excelled in sports.

I didn't know what I was doing, but I'm outgoing, so I spent the next three to four hours just teasing and being flirty, chitchatting. After I logged off, I was like, "Why am I still working this job? I didn't go to college to be a webcam girl, so I kept my job out of duty. I'm lying to myself." I knew I'd be fine just webcamming. I didn't give [my boss] exact details why but thanked her for everything. Everyone had always told me I had my life together, and no matter much how much feedback I got, I wasn't happy.

I might have flashed my boobs, but I didn't show my face when I did that. Finally one day, I woke up and I reached my breaking point. Finally when I quit, I got this crazy feeling of ecstasy.

They were supportive of everything [my siblings and I] did, and encouraged us to explore our creativity.

They did everything for us and sacrificed their own lives so we had good ones.

I saved money, I didn't take out student loans, and did school for three years, graduating a year early because of my AP credits.

I took classes every summer, spring, and winter break. It sucked, but I was like, "I could either hang out with my friends and party, or suck it up and take this class and get more attention from teachers."After I graduated college, I was still lost at 21.

At 15 or 16 on summer break, I was watching movies on the couch.