Read more » LONDON - Technology has fueled a surge in the buying and selling of children online for sexual abuse with advertising a child on the internet as "easy as booking an airfare," campaigners told an anti-slavery conference in London.

Read more » The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division of the Philippine National Police Women and Children Protection Center (PNP-WCPC-ATIPD) rescued three minors, two female and one male, ages 4 to 8, in a cybersex operation in Mabalacat, Pampanga Tuesday afternoon.

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File photo: Catalan nanotechnology engineer Sergi Santos holds the head of Samantha, a sex doll packed with artificial intelligence providing her the capability to respond to different scenarios and verbal stimulus, in his house in Rubi, north of Barcelona, Spain, March 31, 2017. (REUTERS/Albert Gea) Last month, tech billionaire Elon Musk claimed that artificial intelligence could take over the planet, and he's not the only one concerned about the dangers of killer tech.

With sex robots becoming increasingly popular and sophisticated, Cyber security lecturer Dr Nick Patterson revealed that the lifelike dolls could end up going all Terminator on us.

Humans have a built-in, survival-based tendency to seek out things that feel good and avoid things that feel bad.

However, not all feelings or activities are easily slotted into “good” or “bad” categories, and the average person frequently encounters situations where he or she must determine if the pleasing aspects of a feeling or activity are worth exposure to the unpleasant aspects of that feeling or activity.

However, in the case of sex robots, the danger isn't that the love dolls will end up developing minds of their own, Westworld-style.

Instead, the risk is that hackers could breach the realistic robots' inner defences and catch out their owners with their pants down.

Traffickers recruited vulnerable teens and coerced them to work in bars or clubs.

Now, pedophiles and predators can enter the homes of Filipino children through a simple internet connection.

Whether or not he or she uses the Internet, a person with sex addiction develops patterns of sexual fantasizing, sexual thinking and/or sexual behavior that substantially interfere with the ability to experience a sense of mental well-being or maintain a functional daily routine.