This method is only done in certain centers of the world.

Greeks were convinced that the (y) sperm is located in the right testis and the x-sperm in the left testis, so Greek men tied their left testis to prevent female’s embryos, but the Indian man held his left testis tightly during intercourse for the same reason. So, we can calculate the time of ovulation and determine the time of intercourse according to the desired sex.

At the same period of time, French men underwent left orchiectomy in order to prevent female embryos production entirely. If intercourse occurs 12 hours prior to ovulation, a baby boy is favored but if it occurs several days before ovulation, it will favor a girl.

4- If the couples can cope with a pregnancy of the undesired sex This method includes the following steps: First: Ovulation induction using injections: During this time, the follicle size is measured till it reaches the appropriated size.

Second: Pick up of the follicle via the vagina under general anesthesia, and then insemination of the oocyte by the sperm is done under the microscope.

Some question you may ask: 1- Is sex selection by any previously mentioned method affect the health of the baby? 2- Is any method associated with dysmorphology or abortion?

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It depends on the fact that x-sperm contains 2.8% more DNA than the y-sperm, and accordingly using flow cytometer instruments, they can separate the x-sperm from the y-sperm, to confirm the separation they use FISH method, which gives the y-sperm the green color and the x-sperm the pink-red color.

With this method, they can separate y-sperm with 73% accuracy, x- sperm in 88% accuracy.

Usually the semen contains 50% y-sperm and 50% x-sperm, but there are some exceptions.