Same goes for men who wear magnum condoms, when they -- ahem -- don’t need to.

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Besides the fact that foreplay makes the business of getting that much easier, simply sticking it in is likely to make a woman feel more objectified than wanted. Does the cotton/poly blend rubbing against your arches really get you going? But constantly asking me for validation is so unattractive and under-confident to me.” - Veronica, 28 Women don’t come with a news ticker above their vaginas, and having sex with you shouldn’t feel like watching CNN.

Quickies aside, that kind of behavior in the bedroom looks amateur at best and selfish at worst. Here’s the thing: a naked dude in socks is generally not a flattering look, unless you’re Tom Hardy, in which case, wear whatever you want. Communication is absolutely a must, but make sure any questions are purposed and specific, especially once you enter freaky or fetish territory. ” is definitely a question worth asking; checking in with her every time you change positions is just tiresome.

If your girl is pre-menopause and dryer than Southern California, that’s on you, my friend.

It takes more for women to get aroused than just wanting you, regardless of their age. ’ I get that they want my consent, in case they want to try something raunchier.

But if you’re going to try and win her over with your comedic sensibilities, only bring crowd favorites, not some weird experimental shit you saw at an improv show.

Never crack a joke that will make her feel any less desirable, or like you’re not at least taking the sex she’s allowing you to have with her seriously.Actually, no girl ever expects the best sex of her life, period.In fact, staying humble makes any sexual missteps you commit in the act far more forgivable. Look at my face: I’m not enjoying this.” - Andrea, 26 Seriously, guys. The G-spot is located approximately 2in inside the vagina. “Sometimes guys will just jam it in there, without any [foreplay].Even if dirty talk isn’t your thing, a moan or two will do.We want to know we’re pleasing you, and also that you’re still breathing. I’m all for casual sex, but not for casually contracting an STD.” - Jane, 27 If a woman insists that you wear a condom, the rudest, most inconsiderate thing you can do is try and talk her out of it.For all the men out there serving up cold leftovers in bed, here are the things you’re doing horribly, horribly wrong, according to women who constantly endure them. like he’s breastfeeding.” - Gabi, 28 Some guys will latch on harder than a dehydrated newborn.