Specific techniques depend on the specific reasons your site doesn't display correctly.For more info, see Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility Cookbook and Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility Cookbook.

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For example, consider a standards-based webpage that contains a frame element that displays content in quirks mode.

IE9 mode displays the child frame in standards mode (because the parent document is in standards mode).

Starting with Internet Explorer 10, however, child frames can emulate quirks mode.

For more info, see IEBlog: HTML5 Quirks mode in IE10.

This example shows how to specify the HTML5 document type.

Internet Explorer displays webpages that contain the HTML5 document type in standards mode, which provides the highest support available for established and emerging industry standards, including HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and others.

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Note Starting with IE11, document modes are considered deprecated and should no longer be used.

Webpages that require legacy document modes to display properly should be rewritten to use features defined by modern standards. In most cases, we recommend that websites use the HTML5 document type to support the widest variety of established and emerging standards, as well as the broadest range of web browsers.

This next example shows how to use the Note Because all supported versions of Internet Explorer (including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6) interpret the HTML5 document type as a standards mode document type, we recommend using the HTML5 document type for all webpages that don't require a different declaration.