Early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks.

A clinician should be concerned about ectopic pregnancy but cannot make the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy just because the h CG level is higher than the discriminatory zone and the uterus appears empty on ultrasound.

Many of these pregnancies are abnormal intrauterine pregnancies as opposed to ectopic.

One needs to take into consideration the clinical history, and estimated gestational age by LMP or date of conception, if known.

A positive pregnancy test result and an ultrasound that does not reveal the location is known as a pregnancy of unknown location (PUL).

More severe cramps may lead to an inevitable abortion.

Threatened abortion is very common in the first trimester; about 25-30% of all pregnancies have some bleeding during the pregnancy. On examination, blood or brownish discharge may be present in the vagina.Thus, the gestational sac(s) may not be visible on ultrasound despite the h CG levels being higher than the discriminatory zone.Even with multiple gestations, the gestational sacs should be visible at a similar gestational age as singleton gestations or about 6 weeks' gestation if the dating is good.Occasionally, a normal intrauterine pregnancy does result.Depending on the clinical scenario, a clinician may choose to observe this patient with serial h CG levels and ultrasonography instead of intervening, or a clinician may need to intervene depending on the situation.An abortion is the spontaneous or induced loss of an early pregnancy.