DOCTOR: Can we switch on the wreck of the power unit? DYMOND: Worth a try anything to get out of this mess. DYMOND: That's nice coming from someone who's just crashed into it. (Secker, the Doctor and K9 leave.) RIGG: Well, Romana, why don't you and Mister Dymond wait in the lounge? Rigg goes to a monitor and calls up the details of Galactic Salvage and Insurance. Liquidated 2096.) (Secker stops grinning and leans against the wall.) SECKER: You go down here to section five, then left into the shuttlebay, and down to level B. DOCTOR: Hold on, I thought the idea was you'd show me.

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(A large space liner makes the jump to warp.) RIGG: We seem to be ahead of schedule, Secker. Passengers may leave their seats when the blue light comes on, but are requested not to remove their protective coveralls until instructed.

(Secker has a silly grin on his face.) SECKER: Great. Will passengers please remember that the Empress will be at seven tenths G, so please be careful when you first start to move around. (A red light suddenly lights up on the Captain's console.) RIGG: I've got a malfunction. (Secker just sits grinning to himself.) RIGG: Secker, these coordinates are wrong.

DOCTOR: Yes, but I'd still like to know where he's been.

RIGG: Galactic went out of business twenty years ago.

(They follow Secker as he staggers into a darkened area and watch as he uses a keycard to open a filing cabinet. The Doctor enters, uses his sonic screwdriver to open the cabinet and gets another container out.

DELLA: You see, when we've collected the specimens for study, they're converted into electromagnetic signals and stored on an event crystal in the machine. ROMANA: A crude form of matter transfer by dimensional control.

TRYST: Oh, yes, but ROMANA: What about the materialisation collision? RIGG: We seem to have to have a slight problem, Azure.

DYMOND: I wish everyone would stop showing off and get something done about my ship.

RIGG: Mister Dymond, I am concerned with my ship, my crew, and nine hundred passengers. (The Doctor and Romana enter unnoticed.) DYMOND: Then I insist that you sign a document to the effect that this collision was entirely your fault! DYMOND: I was given complete clearance from Azure Control.

(The man in the pressure suit is with the Captain.) DYMOND: What are you going to do about the damage to my ship? You were right in the middle of a launch and land window for commercial flights.

Now all they do is to assign me special travel facilities on government subsidised spacelines, but first class. (A free standing object about a metre tall with a diamond shaped box on the top.) TRYST: Ah, that is my CET machine. TRYST: What you see may seem to be just a mere projection, but it is in fact a matter transmutation. TRYST: This image projection allows us to see them whenever we wish. I hope you can appreciate what a technical achievement that is.