This list comprise of the date places (in the Metro or within driving distance of Manila) I can recommend for you to try out at this time.

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Upholstered seats, white ceiling, subdued lighting, and wood tones complete the look.

It’s probably different during the breakfast crowd time but it’s also a good place for a dinner date.

Artisanal Cheese Board PHP 470 Cheese selection with olives, grapes, wheat crackers/crusty bread, dried nuts and apricots and honey is a good starter.

Local farm produced white chevre (I think this is the local white cheese), pecorino (this is the cheese studded with peppercorns) and blue pepato.

It was the perfect combination, which might be like you and your date.

– One male reader had already tried this out for a date and was happy about his and his girlfriend’s experience. Luxury in Food and Ambience Dear Jane: A Steak Place for My GF Café on the 6 year anniversary at My Mother’s Garden.

Pour yourself a warm start to an elevated food experience.

– People who like fine-dining (uppity or friendly restos) may not necessarily appreciate the self-service, wait patiently, claygo (clean as you go) format.

No matter what you do on your date or where you go, they say the key to a romantic date is in the details.

A lonely artistic candleholder by the window greeted us as we enter the resto-house named Vieux Chalet. We dined that night in a rustic atmosphere atop of Metro Manila, a place where a pool of lights is swimming in front of your eyes. Must order starters include the Raclette and Rosti.

Tagged on the menu as an “Extra Upper,” it is mint tea with blend of premium quality organic Spanish plum tealeaves.