February 2010 - Present Romeo Miller and Katelin Najjar met at the University of Southern California where they were both students.

They are said to have started dating in early 2010, and they were photographed out together in March of that year.

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You all got to tune in You got to tune in July 20th [CROSSTALK] that's why it's on tv, I can't tell you anything, you gotta watch it. But it's one of those things where life hits you fast sometimes and I'm just happy for overall, I mean it's always a blessing bringing life into this world. And then you've met the baby, the baby's so cute, right? Was there ever any point that you wanted a relationship with Angela?

I think we'll always be friends, we've had a connection from day one, being honest, we're business partners as this. Now, speaking of Angela [UNKNOWN], how did you feel about her pregnancy announcement and her relationship news? You meet, when you're a guy and you're a women, you meet in one way that connection.

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Miller made his relationship with Toneata Morgan public as the actor.

Romeo Miller including biography information, wikipedia facts, photos. This article reveals who Romeo Miller is engaged to.

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