The Disney superstar moved on to "Starboy" singer The Weeknd after her breakup with Bieber.

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I thought that maybe you would agree with me."We also think his mother would agree.

Lori posted her screengrabs to her Tumblr and simply captioned it: "Don't be a little s--t to me on Tinder."Lori told Buzzfeed that his mom hasn't responded yet, but she plans on resending her the screenshots of the conversation with her son.

"He's a younger, tasty gentleman," quipped Bevy Smith of the 35-year-old music producer.

"He's also a great departure from what she's usually used to dating." Berry split from actor Olivier Martinez in 2016. Johnny Depp might have been drunk at the premiere of “Murder on the Orient Express” in London.

For your dose of celebrity news and gossip, tune in to "Page Six TV." Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are sparking dating rumors after being spotted together for the third time in Los Angeles.

The pair "was a real thing at one point," said "Page Six TV" panelist Carlos Greer.These include cracking on with a host of girls at the dating agency's mixer events and then standing up the same ones when he eventually asked them on a date. Having a better night was the voiceover guy Rob Beckett, who was killing it tonight and making everyone laugh over on Twitter.Halle Berry has a new man in her life, Alex da Kid, according to her Instagram account.John Fugelsang rocked a Ziggy Stardust-era costume as David Bowie. Elizabeth Wagmeister looked red-hot in Britney Spears’ iconic catsuit.And Bevy Smith busted out of her busty Dolly Parton costume.Panelist Carlos Greer claims investors are “sympathetic to Georgina,” despite rumors swirling that she turned a blind eye to her husband's creepy behavior.