Perhaps the pair has been able to keep this secret to themselves because when Ru Paul is not gracing the small screen, he's away from the spotlight with his husband on a 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming."He doesn't care about show business at all," he said of his other half.UPDATE: Ru Paul took to Twitter to thank everyone for their well wishes after the news that he had secretly tied the knot was revealed.

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Look at this video for more: Vogue will help people become their own cover girl.

Ru Paul and Vogue got together to let the strength of music and dance combine and multiply.

A drag queen in a blonde wig, heels, and a see-through leotard is dancing wildly on a podium in front of several hundred journalists, bloggers, and fellow queens.

It is the ticketed, meticulously organised launch of Ru Paul's Drag Race in the UK, an event that aims to find a British "ambassador" for the show.

If you didn’t know, Vogue is a form of dance or movement which helps people to express one’s feelings.

To be specific, if there is anyone who has benefitted the most then they are the homosexuals who have adapted to this form of expression to the fullest.Ru Paul has done more than just his professional stunts to work for the betterment of others.He has contributed so much to make vogue fun and fashionable in several ways which has not only entertained the beneficiaries but have helped to spread the love around.However his personal life has been a not-often-talked-about topic.Some people say he is heterosexual or transsexual, but it has been never confirmed. He doesn’t even need to flaunt his shirtless pictures to win the hearts of people!"He could care less."While Le Bar may not be interested in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Ru Paul found everything he wanted in the low-key Australian.