Re-published many times here & in the Facsism was the next topic with Plymouth & in particular the Western Morning News playing a prominent part in the mid 1930’s.

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Devonport tended to have the more fancy stones in granite whilst Plymouth’s were made of limestone, depicting the Four Castles motif. Devonport grew up around the Naval Dockyard in the Parish of Stoke Damerell after 1690 and surviving stones are of manor, parish and Municipal Corporation type.

There are a number of stones remaining for the manor of Stonehouse and others from 1883 erected by the Local Board.

Along came new housing, a new town centre, waterworks, police station & cemetery.

Prior to this poor people were often buried in unmarked paupers graves.

Many of these are in prominent though sometimes quite precarious places and others almost buried under layers of tarmac.

In addition to the above, Nigel showed examples of stones of the Admiralty, often with the fouled anchor motif; War Department and MOD, and Government (broad arrow).

For a penny a week with the Prudential Company, people could reserve a burial plot – Linda displayed a copy of one such insurance policy.

The railway arrived in 1859 & Tavistock hospital opened in 1887.

The violence & unrest continued when the Fascists moved to he claimed to be a Quaker & refused to be conscripted, being sentenced to 10 years in prison.

After release he married & he & is wife played prominent roles with other Quakers in helping the Jews to emigrate from Nazi in 1884 was an orphan at the age of six.

She later married & had a son though the marriage failed & she fuelled her passion as a motorcyclist earning the nickname “Gypsy”.