In Kenya alone there are 42 different tribes, and within each are all these different sub-groups.

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Mostly, we made do with the fruit that they knocked down from the treetops, but after a while I developed a ravenous hunger for protein.

Luckily, you could yank the tops off the mushroom-shaped termite mounds and pick up a few mouthfuls before they scurried off.

The air was fetid and hot, and thick with mosquitos.

We had to share a single bed with a lacerated mosquito net, sticky polyester sheets, and right next to a thumping diesel generator.

It left an indelible mark on my heart, both in terms of the human and animal suffering, but also the freedom one has when there are no rules.

One of the worst nights of my life was on my honeymoon.

My husband, Frank, took me on honeymoon to the southern Amazon in Brazil.

After a few days of exploring, I became obsessed with the thought of finding a jaguar and we ended up in the Pantanal, close to the Cuiaba River.

One of my earliest memories of Manyara was being charged, in an open Land Rover, by an enormous bull elephant who stopped short, just before he hit the car. There's nothing like clinging to a sheer rock wall in the Scottish mountains.

My grandmother had a small croft on the Isle of Raasay, just off the coast of Skye.

As well as the wildlife, the series will see the family deal with floods threatening to wash away the camp, medical emergencies, animals in trouble, financial crises and food deliveries that just don't turn up.