He was awaiting prosecution on that charge when, on June 19, he was accused by the LA District Attorney's office of attacking the same woman.She fled to a nearby coffeeshop to ask for help, but Allen allegedly chased her to that venue.

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She has performed plastic surgery on different parts of her body and if compared to the pictures of her past; looks completely different.

She is believed to have done breast implantation, along with her lips and nose surgery to give her a sharp and attractive look.

You can see such photos of hers on the media as well as her Instagram account, where she has revealed more of her body.

Considered to be a very sexy woman, she has got amazing curves and her body measurements read 34-26-38 inches (Breast- Waist- Hip), and her boobs are 34 D, which makes them pretty big.

Her tall and well-tanned legs make her look a bit taller than she actually is; and her feet are sixe 6, which is not very large.

A very beautiful lady, she looks very young for her age and that is because of the cosmetic operations that she has undergone.

A winner of the "So You Think You Can Dance" competition has been charged with two felony counts of domestic violence, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, a glass vase, and misdemeanor counts of simple battery and vandalism.

Joshua Demon Allen, 27, had already been convicted on January 13, 2016 of willfully injuring his girlfriend after which a restraining order against him had been granted.

Lacey hasn’t played in any movies but says that she’d love to if she had any such offers.