Of course, everyone knows this former 2007 Playmate of the Year from Instagram pics like these.

sara jean underwood dating ryan seacrest-53

She’s dated the most robotic Dick Clark close with a a lot of reach.

She hosted a show that catered to loser nerds who could jerk off to her naked pics while planning their weddings, or sculpting her vagina replica with their model paste leaving her few options to stay relevant and matter…so that’s gotta be why this Sara Underwood trash is feeding a Squirrel what looks like a Mc Donald’s fry…Get the PETA motherfuckers mad…make some noise…that’s what It’s nice to see things coming full circle…with this Sara Jean Underwood girl….it’s a history repeats itself situation…where she dated Ryan Seacrest…and got cocky…thinking shit “I don’t have to do PLAYBOY NAKED SHOOTS ANYMORE …..

📸 by @stevebitanga 👙 from @teenyb_bikinis A post shared by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on Rained in here in Thailand, so I treated myself to a spa day 💆🏼. I'm more of a giver personally 😏 📸 by @stevebitanga A post shared by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on For a Playboy short, there’s a terribly lack of nudity. However, if your name if Ryan Seacrest, you once did have a chance. Research tells me Martinez sells insurance in Colorado. It’s really not clear what Sara Underwood’s talents are, but she’s doing well for herself. Actually, it’s not really obvious, besides Patreon, how else she makes money.

This must’ve been when Playboy made that horrible decision to do away with nudity in their magazines (which they’ve wisely brought back). The link is obvs NSFW, it’s straight from Porn Hub, but you’re not gonna care. Then, take out her co-instructor’s split, Udemy’s split, Underwood isn’t clearing that much. Underwood travels around to exotic places, poses in bikinis and she’s 33 but looks like she’s 21. Hopefully, her fans stick around with her until they’re all old and invalids.

She is only on TV or Twitter famous because she spread her vagina…naked…in that magazine and really she wasn’t really famous on TV, she was on some sinking show that made Olivia Munn, but that was still garbage…

Her posting her fake tits in a skimpy outfit should not be endorsed, celebrated, or even jerked off to…it’s been done, it’s played out, because if anything this is supposed to be the only thing she does…

Whatever your intuition is telling you to do, do it. She also recently dated, and broke up with, some contestant called Roberto Martinez.

That's the best advice I could ever give someone. They dated for 2-3 years before who knows what happened. She’s making good money off Patreon selling bikinis and teasing fans.

However, read closely and it doesn’t actually say that any of these bikinis were worn. Supposedly, Underwood makes ,000-,000 a month from Patreon. I called this section “computer nerd shit,” but it could be called, “Revenue streams (because sponsored posts don’t pay enough).” Not only do you have Underwood on Patreon looking for patrons, she’s teaching an online computer course. If learning how to code from a Playmate for the cost of a Subway sandwich floats your boat, check it out.

I prefer what Karlie Kloss is doing with her organization, Kode with Klossy. Hard to say how much Underwood teaches, and how much her co-instructor (Stephanie Elizabeth) teaches, but good for her.

Like Sasha Grey not sucking dick, then not sucking dick….modeling naked…then being coy and playful about it…against the fucking rules… No idea what these are for…I just know that people love Sara Jean Underwood….which is insanity because she’s really fucking low level…but I guess she’s got naked for money before…which is a redeeming quality as far as I am concerned…especially for women so hungry to be famous…that they fake date Ryan Seacrest and agree to host G4 TV bullshit pretending to be into nerd shit…in hopes of it being a stepping stone…when all it really means is that for the rest of time she’ll be that obscure girl in costume signing autographs at the various comic events around America….which I guess is a pretty huge achievement for a girl everyone just assumed was gonna become a stripper.that’s all she was skilled to do…