Though it's not as funny or inventive as the movie itself, Scary Movie is a decent, diverse collection of hip-hop and rock.

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This question never seems to get old amongst fight fans. Fans are captivated by everything the spectacle has to offer, including the dimmed arena, lighting effects and memorable entrance music.

The debate of which fighter has the upper hand begins long before a fighter steps into the ring or cage.

It is scary and most spooky at night, but by day it is so old, so massive, so grand.

He was sure wild and scary of railroads, towns, or a strange house.

is half alternative rock from artists like Oleander, Radford, and Save Ferris, and half hip-hop from Black Eyed Peas, Public Enemy, and Royce the 5'9." Fountains Of Wayne's clever, power poppy "Too Cool For School," the Unband's garagey "Everybody Wants You," and a double dose of goofiness from the Bloodhound Gang's "The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope" and the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" are among the highlights from the album's first half.

Royce's "Scary Movies (Sequel)," Rah Digga, Rampage, and Rock's "Feel Me," and Lifelong and Incident's grisly "I'm the Killer (Killer Rap)" are some of the standout raps.

Particularly some heavy rock or metal songs, and hard rap songs.

They don't necessarily have to be about something scary, just have that kind of feel. What are some good songs that have somewhat of a creepy atmosphere to them.

With the right body language and entrance music, a fighter can quickly become an early favorite amongst fans as he or she struts down the aisle.