Windsor defended her position as headmistress saying, 'We actually create these rites of passage where girls get anxious'.

The positive side is that it teaches girls to be prepared'.

In the sixties Miss Porter's clung to its ancient and racist attitudes about black, Irish and Jewish people. You couldn't be too fat or too thin, there was no smoking or drinking, no gum chewing, no reading of popular novels, no walking into town without special permission and no talking to anyone in town.

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As student activities coordinator for the student government, Tatum had suggested the school participate in a multi-school prom.

A secret society of girls calling themselves the Oprichniki, named after a 16th century Russian torture squad, began calling her 'retarded'.

Miss Porter's informed Tatum's college of choice, Vanderbilt University of the cheating and Tatum was rejected.

Tatum's parents filed a lawsuit against the school alleging that Tatum, an honor student from Beaufort, South Carolina, had been verbally abused for weeks.

There stood a local policemen who carried a search warrant and said, 'Let's have a look at your film collection'.

A 'confidential informant' had revealed that Bateman owned a world-class porn collection that featured boys as young as seven.

Tatum was so unhappy with the verbal abuse she had suffered by a group of girls, and the headmistress, Kate Windsor, did nothing to stop the harassment.

Tatum claimed the emotional distress caused her to cheat on a test for which she got suspended and then expelled.

One of Yale University's super-elite secret undergraduate societies, Skull and Bones meets in tombs. presidents, two Supreme Court justices, scores of Cabinet members, writers, and titans of industry The origin of the society remains shrouded in mystery but it was formed in 1832 after a Yale student, William Russell, later a Civil War general and Connecticut state representative, returned from studying in Germany and formed a chapter.

and counts some of the world's most powerful people as members. According to Greek legend, the goddess of eloquence, Eulogia, rose up to the heavens in 322 B.

In mid-November, she skipped dinner, went to her dorm and gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom.