The social can accept gay, but cannot accept bisexual for some unknown reasons. Don't talk to me that love (Read More)Even today, in this open-minded world, it's still a struggle to admit that you are different form others.

If your partner don't tell you their sexual orientation, don't worry about it or blame them. Thus many bisexuals choose to keep silent, not wanting to be labeled as bisexual.

Gay Cupid is growing slowly and has a moderate member database of 150,000 members.

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However, that doesn't cutting down the amounts of STD patients.

ON the contrary, there are more and more people get infected due to sex without security measures.

But the dating online is getting more and more popular, many people seems to change their thinking. They also have their sexual urges just like gays and lesbians.

What's more, here are some other reasons why women would like to date bisexual people online: (Read More) I'm a boy, a gay.

Gay Cupid is a part of the Cupid Media Network that operates a wide range of dating websites belonging to various niches.

It caters to both gay and bisexual men looking for other men to start casual or serious relationships.Does it conduct certain checks which it promised it will?(Read More) Husband and wife is still a husband and wife, even if they are bisexual. But the biggest challenge is to try to avoid trouble, reduce them as far as possible, because the two sides will enjoy this relationship.Everyone likes to be free of who they are, rather than hiding themselves.In most cases, as many bisexuals said, only the first time is hard, and it will become easier and easier once you (Read More) Nowadays, it gets easier for bisexuals to date someone, as there comes out more online dating site for bisexuals.But nowadays, generics, psychology and sociology have proved that bisexuality isn't mental sickness, even it would be effected by heredity and environment.