my arm is on the center consil and out of nowhere she starts rubbing her thigh against my arm and her whole attitude changed.The thing is i was just being nice i am madly in love with my fiancee, but i have always had alot of platonic female friends and i have never even had a serious thought of really cheating, but i did then.

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Then again I know people who are big into going on cam with other people to the point where they'd rather do that or cyber/dirty text someone than have sex with their partner(s).

In the case of my friend's dad who is old and does phone sex with college aged adult women he meets online and he wound up getting a cellphone just for phone sex.

The Advertising Standards Authority acknowledged the points of the newspaper and ruled that it was entitled to run sexually explicit ads inside the paper.

But the watchdog said that the way the paper was displayed in shops meant there was a risk that children would be able to view the ad on the back page.

If he doesn't respect that, then I would question things more.

The fact that he kept it a secret shows that he probably knows it's not the right thing to do.

Personally, I would be extremely upset if my boyfriend was having phone sex.

I would talk to him about it and have an honest discussion about how it makes you feel.

Yes, if ya got to lie about it, there's probably something not right.