Afterward he broke into a vehicle and later stole a bicycle, which he rode to the Foster home on the 500 block of Dicks Street, Meyer said.Officers found Maxwell Foster with an undetermined number of stab wounds, police said.

Several months earlier, the group had purchased several guns, as well as the store's entire stock of 5.7 mm ammunition.

The store owner told agents he'd seen the group buy approximately 20 firearms at an eastern Iowa gun show late last year or early in 2015, according to the complaint. 19, the three men returned to the store and again bought all the 5.7 mm ammunition available and put in requests to buy firearms accessories and 20 collapsible butt stocks for "AR-style" rifles.

Agents' reviews of several Iowa gun stores' records found the group purchased at least 113 firearms valued at more than $100,000 over 17 months.

The complaint notes that the family could have purchased additional guns in private sales or from stores whose records weren't reviewed by agents.

The ISF arrested two men and eight women guarding the apartments where the victims were kept, but two other suspects remain at large, according to the statement.

Security forces also arrested a doctor and a nurse who worked for the traffickers."During their interrogation, the doctor admitted to performing nearly 200 abortions" for the captive women, the ISF said in a statement.

"Sonja was left scarred and without her life partner of almost 50 years. We take much solace knowing the right person is behind bars and will suffer the consequences of his actions.”In a jailhouse interview earlier this month with Fox59, Wright denied any role in the killing and said he was not a violent person.

Wright has been charged in six other cases since July 2015, including theft, illegal consumption, burglary and criminal mischief, according to online court records.

Zachariah Wright, Lebanon, faces 23 charges in connection with the June 18 slaying of 73-year-old Maxwell Foster and the assault of his wife, 68-year-old Sonja Foster.