I don't think we should be discussing these on this forum, let alone post pics. She was happy to oblige through a bunch of positions though. My friend too reported he was happy though I didn't go into the details with him. Seemed like a decent place for those who don't have much time and want a quality sure-shot club to get paid from.You should post it on Roosh V Forum, where it's more relevant. Honestly was planning a trip to Dubai and realised I hadn't done the right thing. The forum does mention better value options, and tips or PMs would be appreciated.

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Do not pay more than 300 per hour for the girl if going there or any place in bur dubai, this is the settled price and any price more than that just know our not good in negotiations. Wednesday late afternoon and I planned a cup of coffee at the Starbucks at the city centre. Was busy slurping on the coffee and checking emails when a cute petit asian came to me and asked if she can share half of the table as no other sets were empty. I didn't mind and got to my work of responding pile of emails.

Cheers to all and stay safe and keep market prices low, 2018 is coming with it's big tax expenses and expected employees lay off and prices will go up already, let's try and keep prices same as before for our mongering market. Hi chaps, Since a few weeks there is heavy advertising on tagged with lots of different numbers of the same location. 15 minutes down; we were busy with our stuff and coffee when she asked me for my power bank.

I have not bee to Dubai for over a year so my information could be out of data. Lynda and I have to admit it was worth it, considering she charges a cheap 600 for MR girls in Dubai standards.

Her massage was good and her blowjob skills as well but what's really great about this woman is that she is beautiful with an amazing body.

Hi guys, Coming to Dubai after a year, hope to be there by end of the month. He told me about a lot of LE activity near some of the clubs. I remember being at rolla apartment opposite imperial, looked like a few LE in reception waiting for a sting operation? I'm new to this forum and wanted to say Hi to the Dubai folks. I know most typical spots like York, Ratzky, Moscow and found places like sandy shoes etc.

With regards to imperial suites and mirchi, what's latest ob these clubs for the Pakistani / Indian girls. Any one got any new venues, or anywhere to find freelance better quality Pakistani girls in the shopping malls? For now and I got a question to the Dubai folks if you can let me know where to find some Indian girls.

Even with the low quantity the quality was quite good. For now and I got a question to the Dubai folks if you can let me know where to find some Indian girls.

There was group of three Brazilians that I didn't see but my friend dragged them to our table on his way back from the bathroom. A brothel or Massage would be great but I also don't mind a Indian club. This is just a good ol' classic case of using skills to picking up innocent girls.

If anyone is up for a drink I'm available tonight, tomorrow's and next Thursday please PN. You may be able to find a few Indian in one of the 4 clubs in Royal Ascot or Mirchi.

They used to be in Panorama but I understand that is closed now.

Few more minutes passed and we were chatting randomly about Dubai and wasn't long until we got to know we were staying less than 200 meters from each other.