So I've set up this page to pay homeage to the classic prank calls of Mark Knofler.

06/29/05 - you better go get you some help bitch from Chi-Town: You better not ever say that!!!!! That's what happened with those dudes who did the tube bar tapes.

this sht is the best, i used to own this tape when i lived in ohio! SOME SHMUCK "You talkin' about something that'll get you in trouble if I catch you makin' love" MARK "Oh, well you won't catch us" 04/11/05 - Howard Hughes from LA CA: Hey Mike D., we've heard it all before. After Red (Moe from the Simpsons is based on him) died, they released their names. "You call your white people" "You'd better believe that! I'd beat some of that faggot out of you." He's sick... If the ones I've just listed are, in fact, Mark I would like to hear them ASAP. 02/04/05 - kevimetal from USA: ...(con't) he mentions "Mc Donalds north", which would be the Mc Donalds at the intersection of Rt 13 and rt 273, north of Odessa, DE.

My friend Craig and I have listenened to Mark Knofler so many times we know them by heart. My best friend and I still quote lines from the calls to this day as inside jokes. There are referenes of Newark, Cheswald, and Odessa Deleware. It has always amazed him, and those of us who knew about it from the get go how many people want to claim that they made this tape. CA: I've had email conversations with Mark Knofler fans.

09/18/05 - rob from North Carolina: no, shit man this bitch will fuck anybody...ohh, hello is amada there? I haven't heard these calls since I was in 8th grade. How can Mark be from Kentucky if he made the calls in Deleware? He even says that he isn't making long distance calls. As far as the author of this tape is concerned, that is wonderful, and I can tell you that he wishes there were more people to claim that they ,made it too. We agree that at the time of the tapes, mark was from Deleware.

I'm sure that a lot of people would love to hear the story behind the calls. Mark has Amanda's husband convinced that she has been sleeping around. needless to say, he gets very upset with Mark and wants to meet with him. Of course, Mark plays along and extracts more information out of them. The husband says, "You're not gonna talk that way to her, are ya? () MODEL RELEASE FORMS In this one, Mark confuses Bertha by asking her about some photographs.

Mark lets him off the hook and tells him it's only a prank. (Mark also uses his now-infamous AUTOMATIC RE-DIAL) () BROILED LOBSTER TAIL Mark introduces himself as an old friend of the family to Monica and pries more and more information out of her and tells her to wake her mother up. He extracts some information and gets to talk to the husband, who is expecting photos of a group of school children. We don't have all the answers here, but the best we can do is lay out the facts. At least some of the calls take place in or around Dover, Delaware.

His new website is now called and you can once again download his remastered tracks.

Below are the sound clips of the Mark Knofler calls.

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Some of the information on this site was taken from a site that used to sell digitally remastered Mark Knofler CDs. But the person who made that site has brought his site back, in 2011!

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