Within a week of the launch of a new feature to allow members to create their own home pages, over 15,000 members had begun using it. The other large web chat company at this time was Web Genesis Inc.'s The Globe. AOL acquired ICQ's parent company Mirabilis on June 8, 1998.

Also internet service provider AOL had over 14,000 chat rooms available to their customers through their non-web interface. Infoseek bought out WBS for approximately .7 million, or about 350,000 shares of Infoseek stock in April 1998. When Infoseek acquired WBS there had been several web portals that added chat as a service.

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Chat websites capitalized on the growing base of Internet general users by providing a simpler, more attractive chatting interface.

Chatting became focused on community and socialization.

You can also manually set or adjust the location for a broadcast on each broadcast page.

Simply open the Overview tab on a broadcast page and drag the marker on the map to set the location.

Click on the name for a person to bring up their information, and click mute to prevent them from writing in your chat.

Web Chat Broadcasting System (or WBS for short) was a virtual community that existed during the 1990s.

You can open the chat in the broadcaster by clicking the chat-symbol.

You can moderate the chat by muting unwanted participants.

In 1998 it was acquired by the search engine Infoseek, which was in turn acquired by Disney/ABC.

The original Web Chat Broadcasting System closed in September 1999 after its chatrooms were integrated into Disney's existing Go Network chatrooms.

A revival of WBS was launched in 2009 and is virtually identical to the original community.