A creative semi-private class setting, you will be provided with all materials, guidance... Learn about the art of folding paper and see what figures you can make from just piece of paper. Join us with a bare face to learn how to apply your foundation smoothly and show off a celebrity-esque glow that will make you shine all the way to your Big Day!

Class will be held in the front cafe of QED or outside, weather permitting. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can look luminous instead of oily and your foundation will look fabulous for...

In a creative semi-private class setting, you will be provided with all materials, guidance from an experienced instructor, and a neat little plant care card to take home.

In creative semi-private class setting, you will be provided with all materials, guidance from a knowledgeable instructor,...

Once again, I am back with a report from the odd (and oddly compelling) world of Voltage’s “romantic visual novels,” the part-game, part-love story confections which allow readers/players to fall in love with spies, gangsters, monsters, and demigods.

Producer, publicist and writer Kambri Crews gave this workshop at the West Virginia Writer's Conference and the feedback was phenomenal, so she's bringing it to us. This class will cover the basics of working as a freelancer, with an emphasis on the creative fields.

You're a performer, writer, artist, business owner, musician, athlete, you name it and you want to be noticed for how awesome you (and/or your work) are? The lecture discusses topics such as health insurance, taxes, getting work, dealing with clients and more. Students in this class will learn basic relief printing techniques, creating their own linoleum block stamp from design to carving to printing. Sign up to spend your sunday in a creative semi-private terrarium class featuring a light brunch.

Most recently, I brought you news from Firstly, the Medusa update gives us a Season 3, in which you and the gang leader turned bookstore owner are engaged to be married.

It starts out all dress shopping and cake tasting, but your idyllic engagement is thrown into disarray when Medusa is called upon to become Queen of Monsters and retake her place as head of her gang. The Medusa story was fun when it was the forbidden love of Season 1, but lost some of its power as the story ran out of obstacles for you to face together.At Wells Fargo, we believe in the power of working together because great ideas can come from anyone.Through collaboration, any team member can have an impact and make a difference for the entire company.Students will learn basic watercolor techniques and then complete a series of watercolor paintings!Techniques such a dry brush and wet into wet will be demonstrated by our teacher, followed by ample time for students to experiment with the materials and techniques on their own.Everyone will go home with their own unique stamp, an edition of prints and info on how to continue the printing at home! Sip tea/coffee, nibble on a croissant/muffin and design your very own mini living world.