via the wonderful, samples-and-loops-heavy music of Glasgow producer Sad City.

Ashridge Farm is a small and quiet site situated a few miles off the A1, surrounded by trees. The country lanes surrounding Ashridge Farm are great for cyclists and there is a network of footpaths and bridleways through the undulating countryside for walkers too.

Open all year Please only use these recommended directions for the final approach and not Sat Nav, as this leads you through the village with very narrow roads which are unsuitable for towing.

Image 2: Seventh cervical and first thoracic vertebrae with clay shoveller's fractures.

Both of the small spinous processes, which have fractured off the vertebrae, were recovered during the excavation.

Joyous sets by Adesse Versions, Omar-S and Mr G at the Hidden Palace stage were played out at reasonable volumes to large, buoyant crowds, and life was similarly good over at the Campfire Headphase tent (named, of course, after a Boards of Canada album).

A weekend-long identity crisis aside – the tent was billed as an “ambient” area, but walking past it brought pounding kick drums into earshot as often as it did wafting pads and samples – the tent was generally an intimate treat, with energetic sets from John Swing and Rising Sun among the highlights.

This type of avulsion fracture is often referred to as a ‘clay shoveller’s fracture’.

A single clay shoveller’s fracture is more common than the double clay shoveller’s fracture seen here.

Local noise restrictions have been an issue at previous editions of Farr and this year was no exception, despite deals apparently having been struck with the police and local residents (or relatively local – not a single house is actually visible from Farr’s main site).

The problem reared its head periodically over the weekend, though it was constant on the Adventures In Success stage, rendering sets from a frustratingly excellent list of names including Helena Hauff, Ivan Smagghe, Young Marco and Suzanne Kraft virtual write-offs.

The most jarring and disappointing example of all came during Floating Points’ DJ set early on Sunday morning at The Shack, and resulted in one of the world’s great soul and disco collections being reduced to a pointless, tinny whisper.