Meanwhile, 32-year-old Jamie can't stop digging in her ears.

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Will a family intervention finally convince her to get help?

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Lacey has been carrying and smelling her doll head "Suzie Q" everywhere she goes.

Robert and Raymond's parents were not around when they were in High School, leaving the brothers to take care of the rest of the family.

Now, the two are ready to make themselves and their bodies a priority again. 29-year-old Michelle has been addicted to drinking blood for 15 years.

Here’s what the statistics really tell us—and what they don’t.

post-9/11 spring of 2002, I was, at 30, in the midst of extricating myself from my first marriage.

Jason George Fights Fair in his Marriage Jason George has been happily married since college.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor says that married couples should fight fair.

She drinks about 80 ounces a day with belief it has helped treat her cancer despite no medical proof.