Blood's Point Cemetery, named after the area's first white settler, Arthur Blood, is said to be a hot spot for the eerie, such as orbs, a vanishing barn, phantom vehicles and a ghost dog that sports glowing red eyes.To add to the spookiness, the nearby railroad bridge was said to be the setting for a school bus accident as well as several hangings.

Ridge Cemetery at Williamsburg Hill is said to be visited by apparitions, eerie lights and a disappearing old man.

Phantom crowds and horses also have been seen and heard around the area.

Electrical anomalies and ghostly children's laughter have been reported here.

Ramsey Cemetery, established in 1851 with the burial of namesake Alexander Ramsey, is also known as Casbar Cemetery and is a nighttime teen hangout.

Although cemeteries can be places of tranquility for some, for others cemeteries arouse fear and trepidation.

Some who have traversed cemeteries tell stories of gripping ghost encounters that could convince even staunch skeptics not to walk the grounds of cemeteries that are supposedly laced with paranormal activity.She has been heard yelling or whispering earnestly at visitors to 'Get out!' Other reports say a ghost boy and strange dancing lights along with red and white orbs appear here and in the surrounding areas.Moon Point Cemetery, aka Moon's Point Cemetery or Moon Creek Cemetery, is older than the Civil War and legendary with those who like to tell ghost stories.It was thought to have begun as a family cemetery for early settlers Jacob Moon and his family.Besides the graves, rock shelters and sandstone caves are nearby, covered with carvings from its many visitors.