As soon as his owner closes the door the adorable pooch can be seen rolling around on the sofas in delight at having the home to himself.

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But as the bird approaches the kitty leans a little too far and ends up a rather soggy moggy after falling in the pond.

It is normal for there to be certain areas in the home that a dog is restricted from, a baby's room included.

The happy hound can be seen leaping from sofa to sofa and performing laps of the room - showing no signs of settling down.

DISCLIMER: EVERYTHING YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS FICTION. I had just gotten back from my girlfriend, Mary’s house.After calming her dogs two burglars attempt to make off with her possessions - but by using the microphone fitted in the camera she warned the pair to leave - which they immediately did.Most owners would expect their pooches to spend the day awaiting their return, however, this dog has other ideas.This owner was always left slightly baffled as to why her furniture was rearranged each time she came home, however, her camera was able to put a stop to her questions.Her Doberman, Flanders, can be seen whizzing around her living room as a way to exert some of his energy.She was asleep bed when I came over at about 5am and snuck through her window.