In a natal chart this brings some sort of public appeal or fame.

Sex of a virgo-36

On a less mushy note, it may also mean that you find a business partner or personal partner that you can collaborate with on a very energetic or thought provoking project.

Another positive regarding your house of partnerships is that the south node has moved out of it.

If we look a bit closer we note that Saturn and Uranus will be playing nicely together this month and they will activate your solar chart houses of real estate, inheritances, your past and your family as well as the house of taxes, sex, death, taboo subjects like addiction, other people's money including your partners and other lurking, obsessive things.

You may come up with some ingenious idea this month and depending on how viable and far reaching it is you might be able to leverage your concept into something that will be helpful to you or even make you some money.

As Virgos we are viewed as problem solvers and are always willing to give advice and be the first to help.

This selflessness shows just how caring of a sign a Virgo really is and this makes us more attractive.

Additionally, you have a lot of hidden protection this year.

You may even receive a marriage proposal or some other type of happy news, though you will likely want to keep whatever comes your way to yourself.

Unraveling all the ins and outs of the Virgo zodiac sign doesn't prove easy because there are lots of layers to get through.