As well as make decisions about international military strategy, health care, environmental policy, and myriad others that will affect us for generations to come.So it is imperative that people not only understand the concept of citizenship, but also understand that you do not have to agree with everything a candidate thinks or believes.And in my efforts to understand people that are undecided or that are not voting at all.

We get caught up in the daily demands that ultimately make us miserable.

With too many choices and too much information, everything seems so darn important.

I read in an article about the long game in dating that taking your time and being patient with a woman is mostly seen as old fashioned.

I don't buy that at all and I am not old fashioned, just plain older and wiser.

At our core is the need to feel a sense of acceptance and belonging.

We write our history in the stories told by those we know and love.

I keep hearing the saying and now I find myself using it. Basically it applies to every aspect of life and work.

It means throwing the football down the field, AKA the passing game or driving the golf ball toward the green. There are articles about playing the long game in the arenas of sex, dating, creativity, business strategy, education, and financial planning.

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