Street prostitution in generally illegal in Austria, so by going to a brothel, clients could avoid ending up with an unchecked, illegal sex worker.

Often, this does not happen for financial reason – street hookers are cheaper.

In 2007 there were 160 registered prostitutes in Tyrol State.

Perhaps surprisingly for a rather conservative nation, Austria's attitude towards nudity is one of the most relaxed in Europe.

Usually prostitutes can arrange their working schedule and decide the pricing themself, but sometimes the schedules and prices are decided by the brothel owner.

The clients walk through the corridors of the house (hence the name: Laufhaus/Walk House) to see and negotiate with the prostitutes.

Thanks to the legality of the sexual services, more and more girls come to the country to work in the nightlife.

In almost every major city in Austria there are some kind of sex shops , swingers clubs , peep shows or Kontaktbars ; the local population is the hardly true only on closer inspection one sees the dense network of the sex industry.

Big reason for this is the free movement inside the EU countries.

In 2011, only 4% of prostitutes were from Austria, the majority of them were migrants , mainly from the Eastern European countries.

There is no specified Red-light district in Innsbruck.