-Over 250 unique items (food, drinks, gifts, accessories) that you can purchase, unlock, collect and give as gifts.

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It's an independent effort by a western developer for a western audience with the goal of breathing some new life into a genre that is greatly underrepresented both in the western market and the independent games scene.

-8 gorgeous girls each with their own personalities, preferences and style.

In the human settlement of Hornbrook, Henshi must find the perfect host for the Viridian seed.‚Äč 2 This is a hot flash adult game about an alien who travels the universe looking for pussy.

He found planet earth and abducted a MILF for his sexual fantasies.

Changelog Ver 0.3a: - The story continues; - New renders; - New characters; - New locations; - First full sex scene; - New ability.

DOWNLOAD Rapidgator Zombitch ~Slutty Gal's Holy Sex War~ ver 1.01 (eng) Censorship : Cen Genre : RPG, Female Heroine, Zombie, Big Breasts, Blowjob, Group Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Size : 600 Mb Description: Kaede Kirishima is suddenly sent 100 years into the future! All of them come to the conclusion that it would be the best idea ever to continue the guys legacy by impregnating the females of the family of his brother, when they came for a visit to him. DOWNLOAD Rapidgator Kinetic Chronicle ver 0.13b Year : 2017 Censorship : UNCEN Genre : Action, ADV, Monsters, Yuri, Flash Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Size : 228 Mb Description: The story begin that one day a mysterious phenomena called "white wave" happen all over the world, causing random destruction and make dragons appear raiding the city. DOWNLOAD Rapidgator Kangoku Senkan ~Hidou no Sennou Kaizou Koukai~ (Prison Battleship) eng walkthrough Censorship : Cen Genre : ADV, BDSM, Sci-Fi Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Size : 612 Mb Description: The next target of the captain of the battleship Jasant, Major.

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(Rumor has it there are several secret characters to unlock as well!

) More than 20 in-game locations each with beautiful hand painted environment art and many with full day/night cycles.

-An addicting match-3 style puzzle dating system with it's own unique twists including upgradeable traits/stats, the ability to move any number of positions and special date gifts that have a variety of interesting effects on the puzzle. Imagine a world where you can have sex anywhere at any time you feel like it with anyone you want?