Rounding out the main cast is Vinnie's no-nonsense, over-the-top agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).

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follows the adventures of movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and the circle of friends he brings with him to Hollywood when embarking on his career.

These include his wannabe actor brother Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon), his streetwise friend and manager E (Kevin Connolly) and friend "Turtle" (Jerry Ferrara) who now serves as his assistant.

The FCC had received about 780,000 comments as of Tuesday afternoon, with about 222,000...

(Jim Puzzanghera)Daniels' co-author, Eileen Zurbriggen of UC Santa Cruz, told The Times by email: "Numerous studies have shown that when women are depicted in sexualized ways (revealing clothing, provocative poses), they are perceived as less intelligent, competent and capable.

Daniels said she wanted to look at social media and, specifically, what happened when a more positive image of a woman was presented.

The Federal Communications Commission extended Tuesday's deadline for public comments on its proposed net neutrality rules until Friday after a last-minute surge in submissions overwhelmed the agency's website.They drew attention away from her otherwise flirtatious and fun Victoria Beckham mini dress from Spring/Summer 2010 collection.She teamed it with the diamond yin and yang earrings and blue-toed heels.The 22-year-old, who until now has had immaculate fashion credentials, looked as if she had tried to cover spots on her chest with foundation or concealer.The odd patches were the same colour as her foundation, but not the skin on her body.'Having a relationship with someone you work with might not always be the smartest move,' he said.'But it's been wonderful to be in a relationship where we can both identify with what the other is experiencing.' Also at the charity ball last night were actress Jennifer Hudson and Leonardo Di Caprio's ex, model Bar Refaeli.