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We bring this voice changing device into real and make it to be a smart voice changer application for Skype user.

With Ath Tek Skype Voice Changer, you can effortlessly use a fake voice in the Skype call.

He also says he should avoid jail time because he became a 'national pariah' after the FBI investigation into his sexting prompted the bureau to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just days before the presidential election.

Weiner's attorneys filed a lengthy court memo which was made public in full on Thursday documenting their client's years as a self-proclaimed 'sex addict' and asking a judge for leniency when the former congressman is sentenced for sending obscenity to a minor later this month.

In the movie, when Arnold Schwarzenegger interrogated his wife at the other side of glass wall, the voice sounded like a robot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger used a voice changing device to change his voice into a fake voice, so that his wife didn’t know it was him interrogating her.

If you just want to optimize your voice, inch the pointer within the green area of Skype Voice Changer until you archived your favorite voice.

To optimize your voice, you can enhance your persona in daily life and get better performance in Skype interviews.

In the memo, Weiner says he should be sentenced to probation – not prison time – because he has already faced severe 'extrajudicial punishment' and national disgrace after his case damaged Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign last year.