The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a probe on 'incitement to suicide' regarding the pair's death.'Investigators checked the scene, the homes of the minors, and interviewed relatives and friends of the victims, to establish the motives,' said a statement.'Particular attention during the investigation of the criminal case will be given to the study of their social contacts on the Internet.'In Krasnoyarsk, law enforcement recently opened three criminal cases of incitement to suicide involving schoolgirls via the groups in social media. One local school director told police he had received an anonymous call saying a student had joined a 'group of death' and planned soon to kill herself.

The police identified the girl who explained that had had joined a 'game' in social media network 'Vkontakte', and had been given 'tasks' by the administrator of the group.

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In the Chita case, transport police confirmed that the so-called suicide game 'Blue Whale' is seen as a possible 'cause of death'.

A second girl had made plans to kill herself with the dead teenager, but changed her mind at the last moment.

Today a girl named only as Ekaterina, 15, was critically injured after falling onto snowy ground from a flat in the city of Krasnoyarsk, also Siberia.

Two days earlier, a 14-year-old girl from Chita was reported to have thrown herself under a commuter train.

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