I had my hair tied back severely and looked my professional best.

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I could see the first sign of hesitation“But what if my boss asks why I am not being paid into my own account”“Just tell him it is better for tax reasons, besides it’s none of his business and I am sure he will not even look, it’s all computerised.”With some trepidation he brought up the Human Resources page and found the form to change banking details and typed in the account details I had given him.

I felt a warm feeling deep inside as I saw him hit the “Submit” button.”Next I have some documents from my solicitor which you will sign.

Do not try to make excuses as I will not accept any.

Yours sincerely Ellen I knew Thursday night was his tennis night and he would have to cancel, it was the first test in seeing how much he was willing to give up to make his fantasy come true.

My first thought was that maybe Glen was gay and had been living a lie all these years.

I was really angry and thought it spelt the end of our marriage. That night I visited my dearest girlfriend Amy and confided in her the whole story.

You will be here at precisely 7pm next Thursday night, dressed in your best business suit if you want to hear my offer.

This will be a one time only offer and if you do not show up I will take it you are not interested and proceed with filing for divorce.

In fact I expected some resistance but was pleasantly surprised.