Youtube user Chadtronic has unveiled his first-person Sonic the Hedgehog game that utilises the virtual reality Oculus Rift device.In the game the player can look around in the virtual world using the headset while moving with a controller, with the experience likened to riding a rollercoaster The game uses something known as Sonic GDK.

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Even though it has no story line whatsoever, "Tech 48" also has elements of an adventure game.

The player first chooses the cel-shaded 3D model of the girl he wants to see in the game's world.

Earn double points whenever you have a show or send a tip to the current Model of the Week performer.

For example, if you had a 100 credit show you would earn 100 points for the show and an additional 100 bonus points because the model was the Model of the Week!

We are continuing to develop new features and ideas. As you use our site, there are several ways to earn points for the game.

Whenever possible, points are performer-specific and count towards your rank in game elements like the number one fan.

Currently, the difference between virtual reality porn and traditional smutty video is minor.

Though some studios put out videos that integrate with Rifts and Samsung Gears to allow viewers to look around the San Fernando Valley duplex in which the action is going down, the only agency currently afforded to consumers is where to look.

It is possible to customize the girl's clothes, eye and hair color, breast size, etc.

The player then navigates the girl through 3D environments, which include various locations: city streets, beach, temple, hotel room, and even exotic locations such as a pirate ship or ancient ruins.

Pressing the "Unzip" icons takes the player into a separate screen, where he controls a male character.