Don't get me wrong, I'm not embarassed by her, it's just that I don't know what the person that I'm with will think about her so, I feel as if I have to justify why she says what she says or, how she acts.

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It shouldn't matter but unfortunately people get "weird" when they find out the person they are talking to or their child has a special condition.

I know have a few special friends that have special conditions or children with special conditions... They need to be treated with respect and love like any adult and in lots of situations even more so!

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Just throwing this out there to see what kinds of responses I get.

Verbalization does not come easy for her so she resorts to internalizing everything due to the lack of being able to communicate. I guess I was hoping to see some positives come out of this and I have. If they cant accept her then they cant accept you, so he is probably not worth it.

I don't ever want her to go through this again with anyone but I know there are no guarantees. But love conquers all and those things are secondary to how one feels about you Good luck Wouldn't have a problem with it at all.

I would hope that the OP does NOT get flamed for asking this. If they are not up for the challenge and adventure, then they should just move on and keep looking, but if they want to be involved it is a great experiance.

My son has autism and I've made a point of being very clear off-the-bat that I am a single mom and that my son has special needs but is also wonderful, loving and intelligent (to name a few things). I am actually persuing a career working with people of "special needs"I enjoy working with kids I've been working with kids since I got out of highschoolsome of the kids have had special needs, and they think I'm awesome Cage - very well said. I tell everyone after the first few e-mails because I want them to understand my life and my son.

I have been (on other sites) approached by men who weren't turned off by my being a single mom but were turned off by the fact that my son has a recognized disability in that he is neurologically atypical and that will not change. My son is who he is and if you can not accept us for that, then keep looking I have to agree with Ya472...