Tree Certificates are processed and mailed in 3-5 business days via your selected shipping method.

Certificates sent via USPS take 2-4 days from mailing date to arrive.

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If you are unsure of how to prune your tree or do not have the correct equipment, contact your local arborist.

This is a very important chore and can kill the tree if done wrong.

The best time to prune in Minnesota is early spring. Many people think that fall is the best time to prune which is actually incorrect. It is a common myth that you should fill a tree cavity to help its structural strength. Power companies do not allow trees to touch the power lines.

Your trees focus their energy on their roots during the colder seasons. If you have a tree near the power line, the company will force you to trim it or cut it down.

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Planting a Tree in Israel through Jewish National Fund (JNF) and is an appropriate and time honored tradition to honor the memory of your loved ones.

The idea behind this is that it will protect the tree from lawn mowers or weed whackers, but it actually suffocates the tree.

If your goal is to protect your tree, you would be better off surrounding the tree with mulch which will prevent weeds from growing and help retain moisture.

Storing harsh chemicals or building over a tree's roots will damage them and cause the tree to die. It is best to use a light covering of mulch to cover the roots.

In places like Minnesota, it is important to salt in the winter to keep the roads clear, but getting this near your trees can be toxic.

Along with each order, a beautiful certificate is mailed to the recipient with your own personal message.