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Tip #1: Be a gentleman This means that when Skype chatting with a Ukrainian or Russian woman, the man needs to be polite, kind, courteous and complimentary to the woman at all times.

It is important for the man to tell the women those things that would be said face to face such as how beautiful she looks that day, how nice her hair is styled, how well she is dressed, how her eyes sparkle and shine and anything else that helps her feel respected and appreciated. It is also key that the man be as flirtatious and fun as possible.

There are a few tips to making Skype work as a form of dating.

This is because men need to understand that the technology and interface are only part of the date and the rest is up to both the man and the women; however, the woman will expect the man to take the lead and treat each and every chat and video session as a real and true date.

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This involves making sure both are dressed nicely, music can be playing and the two can even plan on eating together.

Though not in the same room, one can create the impression of being together even when far apart through Skype and this is an ideal way to really get to know the facial expressions, laughs, body language and other little bits of information that every couple needs to know about one another to make a relationship last.

Tip #4: Create the illusion of being together These are nice little surprises that make the woman feel special.

The other great way to enhance the dating experience when using Skype is to plan on making it as close to a real date as possible.

Have you gained bad or good experience with Skype dating?