Any objections she raises to him, he even picks up the phone and calls a harem member to reassure her.

These people are well meaning, but like all ‘Champions’, they doth protest too much and are actually helping him to overestimate his capacity to follow through.

Some Cheaters even have harems that will reassure you that they’re definitely leaving their spouse or partner, giving them and you a false sense of confidence about the relationship.

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Those are some of the reasons they're drawn to porn, but not the real reasons why men watch it.

It's not uncommon for women to think that why their man watches porn has something to do with them.

If they appear to treat harem members better, it’s because they are harem members.

You as the person who is in a relationship with them, need more by definition.

For some, the more people they can collect attention from, the better.

Observing more than a few harems in my time has made me see that there are two types: Saboteurs – These harem members often have designs on the chairperson and are also unavailable, possibly keeping your so-called partner as a backup plan for themselves or making themselves available for fallback duty. They put this person on a pedestal which actually only helps to foster a distorted view of reality.

LEARN EVEN MORE ABOUT PORN ADDICTION HERE Understanding the reasons why men watch porn is not as important as knowing the negative effects of looking at porn.

Both men and women often believe that (not true) and therefore it must be okay (it's not). This is a common and hotly debated question between men and women. " With the internet now such a normal part of our everyday lives and accessable with a couple of taps on our smart phone porn is available everywhere. Here are 8 common reasons: If you're a man who watches porn, which of these reasons best describes you?

Such as their not being attractive enough, good enough in bed, or that he doesn't love them anymore.

While any of these could be true, these are not usually the real reasons men look at porn as you'll see below.

There’s also a definite element with Champions of often buying into One Time At Bandcamp tales of woe which they repeat to you without really knowing what the frick they’re talking about or just believe without question. Honestly, you’d think the man was God the way people go around talking about him.