There are even those who would bet on average-looking guys, because they look like they’re willing to work to enhance their skills in bed.This type of pre-judging paves the way for a boatload of disappointment when you and your date finally get each other’s clothes off.

A guy who is good in bed wants you to know he is good in bed, but won’t go out of his way to advertise that fact. Men who are inherently generous find joy in the act of giving.

This type of attitude reflects in the way they handle themselves in the bedroom.

This means that he has little to no doubt in his abilities as a man in his career, social circle and love life. Some men base their decisions on instinct alone and the way they assess other people’s feelings.

This type of mindset is very useful in the bedroom, because they pay attention to what’s going on with their bodies as well as their partner’s. Intelligent men know what they are doing, because they apply everything they learned in life to any given situation.

He does not second-guess himself and he knows how to admit that he’s wrong. When you kiss a person, you do it by feeling for your partner’s reactions.

If a man has had enough sexual experiences, he probably knows exactly what to do and how to do it without doubting his abilities. Good kissers know how to move their mouths and bodies with their partner’s.

They enjoy sex just as much as the next guy, but they will always make sure that a woman gets what she needs by the end of the night.

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Basing a person’s skill in bed on their appearance is absolutely useless.

Looks alone cannot determine whether a guy can be good in bed.

When a guy can appreciate the humor in certain situations, it probably means that he is not the type of person who will back down from a challenge. In terms of psyching yourself up for sex, that’s probably the best type of attitude you can expect. It’s not really a good attribute as a whole, but it does work well for their sexual partners.