If you think that guy #3's sports fanaticism is too much to endure for an entire date, there's no need to suffer the whole evening hearing about James Le Bron's unfortunate return to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Some of these speed dating sites offer you an opportunity to do the equivalent of 'browsing' in a pool of potential serious or casual dates.

Not in a mood for an hour-long dinner with someone who may not even be worth spending 30 minutes with? Speed dating is fast, easy and convenient, and like a non-clingy partner, it wouldn't require you to commit unless you decide you want to.

, but even a pop star of her magnitude still has time to work on her romantic prospects.

Her romantic life may be far from stellar but at least she tries.

Your time is precious and you shouldn't waste hours upon hours on dates that you know would go nowhere.

And if your need for speed is real, speed dating might be the thing to put you back in a dating mood.It is therefore imperative that when signing up for speed dating sites, one has to be prepared to put one's best foot forward in the shortest possible time.After all, most of your prospects are probably as time-conscious as you are.For instance, Hurry Date, our top choice for online speed dating, makes dating very fast and efficient.The thought of being in a huge crowd of romance-hunters might even sound frightening to you.For instance, one evening brings men and women of ages 40-55 together.