And, of course, Tilly would know Ellen just as well as she knew him, so Sai knew that he would be exactly Ellen’s type, too. Four billion women on Earth, and Tilly seemed to have found the perfect match for him. Your phone automatically checks in and out of everywhere you go with a status message based on your mood. I’m guessing you’re finally ready for the truth.” *** Stepping into Jenny’s apartment was like stepping into the middle of a fishing net.

As predicted, it turned out they were into the same books, the same movies, the same music. It was just like hitting the “I Trust You” button on Centillion search back in the early days and how it knew just the right web page to take you to. It’s all on your Share All lifecast for anyone to see.” He stared at her. The ceiling, floor, and walls were all covered with a fine metal mesh, which glinted like liquid silver in the flickering light from the many large, hi-definition computer monitors stacked on top of each other around the room, apparently the only sources of illumination. They should call these things tracking devices, not phones. Everything Tilly suggests to me has been scientifically proven to fit my taste profile, to be something I’d like.” “You mean some advertiser paid Centillion to pitch it at you.” “That’s the point of advertising, isn’t it? There are thousands of products in this world that would have been perfect for me, but I might never have known about them. Let me show you a few things about your beloved Tilly first,” Jenny said.

It was a truism that what a man wouldn’t tell his best friend, he’d happily search for on Centillion. I won’t be offended.” “Where’s your coat and goggles?

Tilly knew all about what kind of women Sai found attractive, having observed the pictures and videos he perused late at night while engaging the Just-For-Me mode in his browser. I’ve never even seen you without them.” “Oh, I taped over your door camera so my friends could come for a visit tonight, so I’m not wearing them. ” “—and I came out here to meet you because I saw that you turned off Tilly, not once, but .

But it proved too difficult to force employees to keep their personal calendars and recommendations rigidly separate from work ones, and once the partners started to violate the rules and use Tilly for work, IT had to support them.

And Centillion had then pledged that they would encrypt all corporate-derived information in a secure manner and never use it for competitive purposes—only to give better recommendations to employees of Chapman Singh.

Tilly had woken him right at the end of a light sleep cycle, the optimal time. The break up afterwards was awful, of course, but it helped that Tilly had guided him through it. ” “You are scheduled to attend the kickoff meeting for the Davis case at eleven, which means you’ll get a lunch paid for by the firm. But I suggest you go to this new smoothie place along the way instead—I can get you a coupon code.” “But I really want coffee.” “Trust me, you’ll love the smoothie.” Sai smiled as he turned off the shower. You always know best.” *** Although it was another pleasant and sunny morning in Las Aldamas, California—68 degrees Fahrenheit—Sai’s neighbor Jenny was wearing a thick winter coat, ski goggles, and a long, dark scarf that covered her hair and the rest of her face.

He felt great: refreshed, optimistic, ready to jump out of bed. “Tilly, that’s an inspired choice for a wake-up song.” “Of course,” Tilly spoke from the camera/speaker in the nightstand. ” The voice, though electronic, was affectionate and playful. “Remember to wear the new shoes today,” Tilly now spoke to him from the camera/speaker in the ceiling. He felt that he had matured emotionally, and after a month on his own, was ready to start a new relationship. I suggest you go light on the breakfast, maybe just a banana.” Sai was excited. “I thought I told you I didn’t want that thing installed,” she said as he stepped out of his apartment.” “I don’t want Tilly to have any of my social graph.” Sai rolled his eyes. ” “That’s not the point—” “Yeah, yeah, civil liberties, freedom, privacy, blah blah blah . ” Just because you want to live in the dark ages doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of ubiquitous computing. “Freak,” he muttered, expecting Tilly to chime in from his phone earpiece with some joke to cheer him up. *** Having Tilly around was like having the world’s best assistant: — “Hey Tilly, do you remember where I kept that Wyoming filing with the weird company name and the F merger from maybe six months ago?” — “Hey Tilly, can you get me a form for Section 131 Articles?After all, the mission statement of Centillion was to “arrange the world’s information to ennoble the human race,” and what could be more ennobling than making work more efficient, more productive, more pleasant? He couldn’t even imagine what drudgery work would have been like before Tilly came along.*** After work, Tilly guided Sai to the flower shop—of course Tilly had a coupon—and then, on the way to the restaurant, she filled Sai in on his date, Ellen: educational background, Share All profile, reviews by previous boyfriends/girlfriends, interests, likes, dislikes, and of course, pictures—dozens of photos recognized and gathered by Tilly from around the Net. As usual, Tilly was right: Ellen was exactly his type.Make sure it’s a form that associates working with Singh use.” — “Hey Tilly, memorize these pages.