My interpretation is based on my analysis of the recently publicised historical Freemason document, ‘The Hiram Key’ (seen above left).

In this article it will be referred to as the: ‘Hiram Abif star map’.

sphinx dating-82

“I fully agree with the Masonic interpretation of God as an all-seeing all-knowing grand architect of the Universe.

For them, geometry is a fundamental element found in all Creation, which I agree with.

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Everything you see and read on this page is theoretical interpretation based on years of research, logic and reasoning and presented with the greatest respect to all Freemasons.

Seit 2008 ist er Verleger der Wochenzeitung "der Freitag".

Nikolaus Blome (Jahrgang 1963) war Wirtschaftsredakteur beim "Tagesspiegel" und Brssel-Korrespondent fr einige Regionalzeitungen.The knowledge revealed here shows their original works are based on positive human origin records and wisdom. Obviously because the old ways treated heretics or different views on religion very harshly.This star map seen above all others holds the greatest definition with chronology for me and speaks out loudly: "A Solar Trinity star system of 3 Sun stars are the records of human origins from the historical womb of the Egyptian Goddess Nut...No doubt this viewpoint would explain the significance of the divine proportions in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man”.Click here “I’m not really sure about any of the negative conspiracy theories that have targeted Freemasonry as nothing has transpired that can be proved”.Jakob Augstein (Jahrgang 1967) arbeitete bis 2003 bei der "Sddeutschen Zeitung".