It became his first No 1 album, sold two million copies, and the title track gave him a top ten single.

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Before he tackles his burger, he swallows a fistful of pills.

You begin to understand why there are days when he might prefer not to wake up.‘I’ve had nine major operations in ten years,’ he says.

It’s affected the colon, the pancreas, the gall bladder, the liver – and then I get a stroke.‘I was in a pub and I felt like I’d had too many beers.

I woke up in the morning and it was still like that.

‘A lot of it is to do with something called retroperitoneal fibrosis, where the internal tissues attack each other.

No one knew it existed 20 years ago, and it’s completely unpredictable.

Among the additions are a new Nabiki sub-plot and expansion of scenes.

It is now posted complete, but I have yet to decide if the planned sequel Star Trek Marrissa Stories The Marrissa Stories are an idea that I started back in 1993.

‘People always say, “Forty-eight years together, in the music business, how did this happen? All my education is from her – I came out of Middlesbrough hardly being able to read. Even now, though there are no good pubs where I am, about ten to nine every night a little bell rings in my head’. At least, not until he became ill, and was administered Propofol, the sedative that killed Michael Jackson.