In this situation, the email must state that the Minister requests that the document be tabled in accordance with the relevant legislation or policy and/or Standing Orders.

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They may also transmit documents to the Clerk of the Parliament to table on the next sitting day on their behalf (Standing Order 32).

Note, this is restricted to the time set aside in preliminary business for .

It is expected that covering letters are signed by the Minister.

However, in circumstances where this is not possible (and this is the exception not the rule), it is sufficient for an email to be sent by someone who has the authority to request tabling on the Minister's behalf.

The food court provides groups the opportunty to advertise their upcoming events.

Located on each table in the area, a six-sided table-tent display accommodates 4" W x 6" T ads.

There is no provision for Assistant Ministers or backbench members to table documents on non-sitting days.

Documents for tabling in accordance with Standing Orders 31 and 217 should be provided to the Clerk during the business hours of the Table Office (9am to 5pm on non-sitting days).

Therefore, the covering letter should clearly state if the document is to be embargoed until after a specific time.

It should be noted that documents can be embargoed up until a particular time, but no guarantee can be given that documents will be tabled at a nominated time on the tabling day.

Groups must provide 50 copies of the advertisement to the TVUC Info Desk (already trimmed to the correct size) at least two days prior to the scheduled start date.