For a limited time we are giving a 14 day Essential membership trial completely when you add your first photo to your profile.* Essential membership offers full use of our service including anonymous online messaging, SMS messaging, listening to voice profiles, sending voice messages, recording a voice profile, listening to your voice messages, advanced searches, saving searches plus much, much more. They can be used for either, 5 different SMS alerts, e.g.

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Our service provides loads of dating facilities FREE of charge, including some communication without paying, however, it would be commerically impossible to run a sophisticated dating service like ours if it was all completely FREE. We will never give your details to other members or use your details for any purpose without your permission. Unfortunately due to the nature of our business and other companies bad practises, dating email is often classified as spam or junk e-mail.

Advertising and marketing for new members is our biggest expenditure and ultimately means we need to charge to finance this. We feel it's fair to charge our members if they wish to communicate, especially as we've helped them find a potential date FREE. Please check your Junk E-mail folder or spam programs to see if your activation email has been delivered there.

We offer a fast, fun, safer and above all, highly effective way to find a date, make new friends or meet the person of your dreams.

Contacting and meeting other like minded people has never been so easy.

Complete the simple form and follow the simple instructions. We reserve the right to hide, delete or modify unacceptable profiles. We have a really comprehensive dating directories and resources page which is full of links to site which can provide answers to virtually any questions you may have about online dating. Your activation email is sent to this address and you'll need to click on the link contained within it before you will be allowed to login to our website. Another common problem, particularly with todays email programs like Outlook 2007, is that they try to identify spam or junk email.

Please observe our criteria, we delete members who don't complete their application properly. Why can't I communicate with other members without paying? We don't hide behind a PO box and can be contacted very easily in the event you should need to. Amongst other reasons we reserve the right to delete or modify profiles that: Please refer to our membership terms and conditions for full details. Then they either delete it or move it to a junk folder.

Get this fantastic feature for just .** Learn more about our phone services * Only available for your first photo and subject to an approved minimum profile.

Ltd is an award winning dating website company started in 2003.

In just a few years, as a mass medium, the internet has helped change mating rituals.

People all around the world are turning to internet dating sites.

Once your profile has been approved by us you can search of our database using your specific criteria to find a match.