Solve the case by either killing the culprit or by fining them (take money from them with the console).Replace your silver longsword with a two-handed silver claymore, hammer or axe.If you are able to, use a frenzy spell on a beggar or commoner and act as if the frenzied target is part of a riot or an uprising.

Put trophies up on display: Rosethorn Hall is good for this.

If you're the only Captain in the city, patrol the whole city; if not, only patrol one part of the city.

Conduct sweeps of the surrounding county by eliminating any bandits or animals that threaten the roads to the city, or clean out the nearest holes that might threaten the citizens.

Raise the Disposition of your fellow guards as high as they can go.

This is your chance to join the guards serving in one of Cyrodiil's cities.

Every city has at least one independent quest where you end up in some sort of law-enforcement capacity for a county.Replace your Guard Helmet with a hood or something more distinctive to set you apart or simply like other Captains of the Watch, don't wear anything (on your head).For looks, use the cuirass of your city, with Steel (you could even use the Crusader's) Gauntlets, Greaves and Boots.It is your duty to maintain law and order, you must put the clues together in order to solve the murder case.Place certain clues down that might indicate that the Orum gang or whichever person you want as the wrong-do-er.Once such a quest is chosen and started, considered yourself recruited into the City Watch of that particular town.